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Halloween 2015


Dr. Hank Ford – Bass, Vocals


Hank’s gear:

Basses – Carvin

Amps – Hartke

Cabs – Hartke

Effects – Dunlop, MXR, Behringer,

Mics – Shure (vocal), Audix (instrument)


Influences: Boston, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and many more.

 Hank is an original founding member of the Rock Dox and an integral part of the rhythm section. Hank is the godfather of thunder. Top dawg of the low end. Hank is a driving force of the band. Musically, he has a keen ear and discipline that creates a solid rhythmic foundation. Behind the scenes, Hank’s guidance has helped the bands longevity and success. Off the stage, he is a real doctor. ( Northern Maine Oral & Facial Surgery )The father of four resides in Presque Isle.




Greg Beidelman – Guitar, Vocals


Greg’s gear:

Guitars –  Charvel, Epiphone, and Custom Kramer

Amp – Marshall

Cabs – Marshall

Effects – Dunlop, Boss, Rocktron, MXR, Vox, ModTone and TC Electronics

Mics – Shure (vocal), Shure (instrument)

  Influences: Hendrix, Rhoads, Lynch, Van Halen, Scorpions, Dio, Coverdale, Ford, Newland and many others.

 Greg’s playing is like a cook in the kitchen. He sprinkles in a little blues, adds a pinch of heavy rock, stirs in some secret concoction and serves it up hot and leaves your mouth watering. The ringing in your ears is Greg’s way of showing his love and gratitude for banging your head, pumping your fist and playing air guitar along with his solos. Greg lives in Caribou, is married, has two sons and works at Haney's Building Specialties.





Richard Newland – Drums


Rich’s gear:

Drums – Drum Workshop

Heads – Remo

Sticks – Vic Firth

Cymbals – Zildjian

Mics – Shure 

Influences: Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, Keith Moon, John Bonham and many others.

Rich sets the tempo and starts the party. If you’re not tapping your toe when he’s playing then you need medical attention, because nobody plays it better. Rich has a brilliant sense of timming and dynamics. His driving percusive style makes the bands music pulsate in perfrect rhythm. He has more fun rocking hard and works hard having fun. He is the owner operator of Peterson’s Septic Service and lives in Caribou with his wife and son.



John Dickey - Singer

John returned to the Rock Dox in January 2017. He previously fronted the band from early 2004 to mid 2009. His powerful vocals are unmistakeable as he imitates many of your favorite vocal performances.



Jarad Carney – FOH Engineer


Jarad Move away from singing duties and became the "Sound Guy" in January 2017.

The Band uses:

JBL Powered speakers

Presonus Digital mixer

Shure In-Ear Monitors

Lots of cables and duct tape.



Dr. Renee Fouornier – Keyboards, Vocals


Renee’s gear:

Keyboards – Roland

Amp – Roland

​Mixer - Mackie

Mics – Shure

Cables – Monster

The “First Lady” of The Rock Dox, Dr. Renee Fournier brings a solid musical background to the mix.  Joining the band in 2010, Renee is just what the doctor ordered. She has tremendous musical instincts, fine pitch and is a true asset to the band. Renee lives and works in Presque Isle.

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